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German Rottweiler as Gentle Big Brother of this Baby

German Rottweiler

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The relationship between a German Rottweiler and this baby is second to none. It cannot be denied that they are heartwarmingly cute together. You would even wonder for a second why dog attacks happen.


This Rottweiler just interacts with this little girl in the sweetest way.  It’s a huge testament to the fact that stereotypes are wrong. Rottweilers are actually extremely sweet and gentle.

Best of friends

It’s clear this dog and baby pair is the best of friends.  Rightfully so, because they’re both very photogenic it’s actually insane.

Just look at those eyes. And those SMILES.  Are you not melted yet? Would you wish for one German Rottweiler also?


The background music to their love makes it all that much better. That Rottweiler better watch is health. His tiny human sister is going to break her heart when she gets older – and perhaps find him gone! At least, that’s what life is all about.

For now, they’re just warming hearts together. They might enjoy it but also the people around them. Not to mention all of us witnessing their close bond.



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