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Get Royalty Free Images Stock from Zemanta

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Bloggers who are monetizing their websites will need a lot of help from dependable online tools in creating their contents. Zemanta is one of the trusted tools ever since it was created – and still running well until at present. This is where ROYALTY FREE IMAGES STOCK can be automatically pulled out and clicked easily for instant use. Attributions also come with the images themselves. So, less time and effort in making articles come to life. Read this:

Zemanta Is and Isn’t History


A month ago a closed sticky post in the support forums featured the surprise announcement Zemanta dashboard integration was removed from Yet some bloggers are still  wondering where suggested related content (images, links, related articles, and tags) in their dashboard went.

Aside from ROYALTY FREE IMAGES STOCK, Zemanta also provides Related articles that will help in supporting your article or add traffic to your site. The service it provides is like shooting two birds in one go. Have fun using it but test your site after installing because some WordPress plugins can be in conflict with it. Trust however that the if problem does exists, it can easily be corrected just by disabling the conflicting plugin and reactivate once more.

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