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Ghost’s and Doors are just Duterte’s Alibis not wanting to live in Malacañang

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte’s “ghosts” and “too many doors” comments in Malacañang Palace are just his ways of expressing that he’s not comfortable living there everyday of his life as President of the Philippines. Since the palace compound is the official work place and dwelling of the president, he has no choice but to at least comply.

The many doors in Malacañang Palace leading from one venue to the other might be confusing for the president at first considering his age – but eventually, he will get used to it in time – and perhaps instead of his shuttling from Manila to Davao every 3 days, it would become once every 3 months.

Duterte for now is more inclined into turning Malacañang into a museum for the poor with children’ educational tour as top priority. This is also not bad since Filipinos really need early developments of future leaders given the present chaotic circumstances in politics, international relations and war against terrorism.


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