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Glass to Solar – Victor Rosenberg of Tropiglas Technologies

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There’s so much to learn from Victor Rosenberg of Tropiglas Technologies, in this episode of InnovaBuzz from Innovabiz. He explains how his quest for wanting to be a part in making a better world led him into a business opportunity producing the the most advanced glazing in the world. His company is turning one of the world’s most common building materials, glass, into an energy source, as a solar collector, as well as giving that glass the ability to do other “intelligent” things. Listen to the interview from this link:

It is good to ask for help when trying to get a new, ground-breaking idea from inception to reality – you often can’t do it on your own, as an individual. Going out to where your potential partners are e.g. Trade Shows; and publishing in quality journals is a great way to get interest in a new invention. Victor’s philosophy is that – we all need to become part of the energy supply side, to help with the problem of energy consumption, particularly producing energy on the site where it is consumed. Victor’s strong belief in his idea, his market research and development of prototype to demonstrate the concept have led to where Tropiglas is today, and the high level of interest from big investors.

Having a mindset to recognize future trends, needs and opportunities and be inquisitive.


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