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Glenn Chong Warns Singapore Consul of Election Fraud Possibilities in Private

election fraud
By: Elena Grace Flores

Game changer, Atty. Glenn Chong swears that his network of volunteers will not allow election fraud to happen. Reacting to the report of his active poll watcher in Singapore, the Senatorial candidate #21 calls the Philippine embassy consul directly to warn him of possible cheating due to their private system of feeding the ballots into the VCMs. Only the Comelec, embassy officials, and accredited watchers can witness the process inside a private room. In the Philippines the public must be able to see visibly what’s going on outside the precinct at least.

YouTube video byGlenn Chong

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The Public’s Rights to Prevent Election Fraud

Chong urges voters to please do not agree that doors and windows are closed in the embassies or consulate room where the admission of mailed in balloting takes place. It should be open to the public and the entire process must be publicly visible. When they hide in a closed room, all kinds of cheating can happen. Please report immediately if this is not the case in your area, he added.

Warning to the Comelec

Comelec must make it clear that they should not hide the ballot in the machine. Only thieves can do this. To avoid doubts, they must open the windows and doors. All Filipino citizens must be able to observe and watch if the want or need to, Chong clarifies.

Aiming for the People’s Victory

The clean election advocate and senatorial candidate is determined to influence the masses to help in winning the people’s campaign. This is to generate a fraud-free election despite the incompetence of the Comelec. He is grateful to the many ofws who are helping in their respective ways.

Facebook Live Announcement

Immediately after hearing that Imee Marcos and him are top one and two senatorial bets in Hong Kong, Chong immediately goes live on Facebook to address the worrying report from Singapore. Such action is a great help for what the country is fighting for. He is certain to win because of the people’s help. Atty. Chong promises to make it up to his voters as soon as he becomes a Senator.

No Transparency

In the website of Philippines Embassy, Singapore, it says that The received ballot envelopes shall be opened by COMELEC-deputized Embassy officials only on Mondays and Thursdays for feeding into the Vote Counting Machines (VCM) (hours: 9:00 a.m. until completion of received ballots). This procedure can be observed by accredited Watchers only.

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