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God Loves Us Regardless of Religion

By: Elena Grace Flores

There are many recounts published about near death experience by people with different religious background. However, although circumstances differ, there are common denominators. Seeing your body at a distance, the presence of light, a voice, the feeling or experience of heaven or hell and that God loves us. Watch this very credible video:

Heaven & Hell. Atheist professor in Hell! Meets Jesus (Near Death Experience)

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I know for sure that it’s the pureness of the heart and faith within that matter in our journey here on earth before we cross over towards eternity or nothingness – because me too had near death experience that made me what I am today. Believing in someone with great power who loves me regardless of my weaknesses and who inspires me to do His will in whatever I do. Real happiness is evident in this kind of way of life, for here and beyond!

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