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Gordon and other Allies tell Duterte: Be a statesman by shutting your mouth up


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
At last, progress has finally come to the Philippines. This is in terms of character. Of all politicians, it’s Senator Richard Gordon who has the guts to tell the President off. You are too noisy; he said. Be a statesman for the country; he added.

[VIDEO]: Gordon had enough of the President’s bad and noisy mouth. It’s wrong to say; I’ll kill you; he said.

The President’s Controversial Mouth

Since Gordon is the President’s friend, it is just right to tell him off that his big mouth has already become controversial not just here but also abroad. Being far too noisy is unbecoming of a statesman. This is not good for the country. Gordon advises the President on national television during the extra-judicial case hearing.

Twice to say Sorry

This month alone, the President has to say sorry twice. First to the wrong information on the drugs matrix. Secondly, to the Jewish community who are offended with his Hitler comparison response. Since EU compared him to Hitler, he responded that he is happy to kill 3 million criminals like what Hitler did with the Jews during the Holocaust.

Other Allies follow Suit

More advises came from his own allies. Let’s just work. Better not talk anymore; says one. It is always good to say sorry when you realize that you did something wrong. It’s a good thing that the President is doing that.

Duty of the President to be a Statesman

Gordon reminds thePresident as well that he has the duty to be a statesman for the Philippines. Do not speak bad words to the least; he passionately said. This development is actually a positive thing. It shows that not all Filipinos tolerate the President’s bad mouth because of fear or idolatry. They are also ready to speak out when he crosses the line.

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