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How government is guilty of violations by not stopping killings: Center for civil and human rights

Center for civil and human rights

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

President Rodrigo Duterte knows that he can be liable for human rights violations. He is ready to be ousted as per his televised speeches. The government already violated human rights. This is according to the Center for civil and human rights of the United Nations. This is by having the power to stop the killings but not doing something about it.

[VIDEO]: Understand why the government is guilty of human rights violations when it has the power to stop killings but it won’t. Nothing to do with extra-judicial killings yet.

Drug War Police Empowerment

The president knows very well that he can be outed by inciting the drug war killings. He denies practicing extra-judicial killings. But he is already guilty of human rights violations by tough-talking and threatening alleged criminals. Resistance with his strategy in his hometown is evident in the whole country. Nevertheless,  the United Nations warns him so. But he continues his ways because he is ready to be ousted. His recent speech in front of the military confirms that.

Not Extra-Judicial Killings Yet

The government’s human rights violations so far do not include extra-judicial killings yet. It will be extreme already when that is tackled. The president is given the chance to respond. But he’s taking it negatively for now.

Senator Leila De Lima’s UN Plea

The greatest critic of the president, Senator Leila De Lima submits a complaint to the UN body through the center for civil and human rights. This is with regards to the alleged extra-judicial killings involvement of the president. However,  not the only basis of the United Nation’s interference.

Shaming and Threatening People

The United Nations warns President Duterte that he violates human rights even without investigating the extra-judicial killings yet. This is solely because of his on-air threats and shaming suspected drug criminals. They should be considered innocent until proven guilty. It’s not true that there’s no law against threatening criminals. The law applies to all people, criminal or not.

Aware of his Violations

The President expresses his readiness to be ousted or even assassinated. He already accepts that either one will be his fate. As the top officer of this country, he lives a lonely life. Duterte cannot hug his presidential security staff because they are all men; he jokingly said.

Center for Civil and Human Rights

Duterte ignores pleas of the United Nation’s center for civil and human rights. He instead attacks back the international body including President Barack Obama of the United States and the European Union.

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  2. When the drug addict ,criminal was killed the HUMAN RIGHTS was very NOISY.. why?????

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