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Grace Poe is FPJ’s disgrace for conniving with Launderers

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Grace Poe’s desperate move to win the presidency in 2016 – is to go against her father’s will and embrace the underground world for their support. The late FPJ was praised for refusing such offer thus, winning the hearts of many – in contrast with his adopted daughter’s choice.

There are many forms of laundering in the Philippines aside from illegal movements of huge amounts of money from overseas to here or vice versa. Political laundering for one is when a leader get away with the many failures of his administration using verbal scams. President Aquino, is famous for doing that. When poverty is raised, he boasted – we have an excellent GDP.SAF 44 misencounter? – He’s highlighting steady inflows of investments. 10 million children dying of malnutrition? – Daang Matuwid is there.Small hog raisers getting bankrupt because of pork smuggling? Credit upgrades are seen.

So, this developments will never end if one of his endorsees – particularly Grace Poe will make it to Malacanang. May God forbid!

Laundering? It’s more fun doing it here

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