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Grace Poe Starts to Work with Duterte by asking him to cut IT Red Tape

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
GMA reported: Senator Grace Poe on Friday urged President Rodrigo Duterte to utilize information technology to fulfill his promise of eliminating red tape in government.”The government should harness the power and advantages that information technology offers to eliminate red tape,” Poe said in a text message to GMA News Online. “It is auspicious that we now have a department of information and communications technology could spearhead the immediate implementation of the President’s marching order,” she added.

It continued: Duterte, in his inaugural speech Thursday, vowed to cut down red tape as he directed heads of departments and agencies to reduce requirements and the processing time for all applications. He said the government heads should also refrain from changing the rules in government contracts and transactions.

Poe is hoping for Duterte’s initiative on this as GMA noted her saying: “I hope the new department heads will act fast and coordinate with each other to bring about ease of doing business with the government,” Poe said. The senator also welcomed Duterte’s assurance that he will bring about change while observing due process and respect the rule of law. Poe ran in the May 2016 presidential polls but lost to Duterte.


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