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‘The Greatest Love’ Spoilers: Stella’s Suspicious Apology Will Just Bring Conflict To Alegre Family, And Worsen Gloria’s Health Condition

The Greatest Love

By: Danilo Flores II

“The Greatest Love” is at its peek after the show’s “Deep Impact” episode earlier in January. The viewers are gently pulled into watching the high-calibre performance of the cast especially by Gloria (Sylvia Sanchez who is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. “TGL” fans can’t wait for any new events about to unfold in the series.

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[VIDEO]: Amanda, Paeng, Lizelle, and Andrei get into a heated confrontation.

Stella’s Apology To Gloria

Secondary antagonist of the Philippine TV series “The Greatest Love,” Stella Alegre-Policarpio (Tetchie Agbayani), is on her way in apologizing to the Alegre Family. This is after she knew that Gloria was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. she just took advantage in Gloria’s condition that could possibly worsen it.

She made the whole family believe in her apology. Even Amanda (Dimples Romana) and Paeng/Rafael (Arron Villaflor) undoubtedly accepted her plea for forgiveness. But the family don’t know her real agenda behind her pretentious actions in “The Greatest Love” series.

Conflict In The Alegre Family

The Alegre family of “The Greatest Love” series will face another trouble caused by the doubtful apology of their Aunt Stella. Amanda and Paeng forgive Stella, and tries to convince the whole family that Stella is now a changed person.

On the other side, Lizelle (Andi Eigenmann) and Andrei (Matt Evans) cannot accept it because of the fact that Stella is their enemy. They cannot forgive her easily because of her terrible views towards Gloria’s family. All that’s in their minds is Stella is not sincere in her apology.

The Greatest Love

As a normal plot of the “The Greatest Love” series, the siblings are very vulnerable to misunderstandings and would normally fight over certain issues faced by the family. Even Gloria herself is hesitant on the surprising actions that Stella did.

Amanda and Paeng were directly convinced by Stella and forgive her without any question. While on the other hand, the two siblings, Lizelle and Andrei, cannot really deny the fact that Stella has a bad attitude that accepting her apology is a hard thing for them to do.

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Effect To Gloria’s Condition

With the current situation of Gloria, Stella should not have made an apology to the family.  Her apology will only bring misunderstanding and chaos to them, and would only worsen Gloria’s state of mind. Gloria will likely be more stressed and depressed especially when she sees her children quarreling as previously show by her character in “The Greatest Love” Series.

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