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How to Handle your Third Eye

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It is a fact that there are people who are very sensitive with what’s happening in their surroundings. They are mostly the ones with an opened third eye!. Even the bad or good sort of energy will not slip their eyes without being noticed. If they are very vocal with their observations, others will perceive them as crazy, liars or just pooling their leg. However, based on personal experience – the third eye is real and people with it is like a Psychic for FREE. It’s up to you to close it totally or make it sharper, if you can’t handle it:

Experiences After The Third Eye Opening


What to expect after the third eye opening

Don’t be surprised that when you awaken your third eye, you’ll start getting unusual experiences. That especially has to do with your sight. When you’re tired and you’re about to sleep or you just relax and close your eyes, you may suddenly get all kinds of images in your mind’s eye.

The third eye is a gift that must be nurtured for future use. Sensitive people are good counselors because they can feel the burden of an individual and can have visualizations on what to come for that person. Seeing or feeling what’s in store is a good guideline to give to a problematic individual. The blind guiding the blind can be disastrous right? So, talk to a person with a third eye if you want to feel better. It is important however to choose one who is good at heart and mind. Psychic for FREE is a good start for example. You will know this by how the community looks up or down to her or him and the down to earth lifestyle plus discipline.

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