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More Handsome Fake Hair Challenge for De Lima – Bato or Aguirre?

fake hair

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Pnp Chief Dir. Gen. Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa displays his sens of humor when he posted his picture wearing a wig via social media. In his caption, he asked Sen. Leila de Lima: “You may or may not answer this question: Who is more handsome, me or Secretary (Vitaliano) Aguirre?”

[VIDEO]: Bald headed personalities try to cover up their baldness which is hereditary. See them wear fake hair pieces or wigs. What do you think of PNP Chief Bato? Is he more handsome than DOJ Secretary Aguirre?

Response to De Lima but Just for the Laugh

Bato just laugh of De Lima’s earlier jab at Aguirre, saying the alleged evidence the administration is using to implicate her in the illegal drug trade is “fake and cosmetic” like Aguirre’s toupee.

Suave or Boring Look?

Skinhead guys can make it to Hollywood. Their looks excel from the rest. Bato might look suave with the false hair but he looks just like any other men from the streets. The “star” quality” is gone. Just plain and boring.

Wig does not match

Bato might just have taken the wig from somewhere and tried it on just for a quick selfie. It obviously does not match his charisma.

De Lima’s Say?

We don’t think this would catch Senator De Lima’s eyes with all the things she’s going through. But in fairness, it has shared many times via Facebook.

Filipinos love of Humor

This is harmless humor so if Filipinos have feasted on this then, well ad good. It is better to laugh than be sad with the drug war killings around or its inciting to killings.

Fake Hair Fashion?

Wearing a fake hair is someone’s prerogative but natural looks are always better even if it means, no hair at all!

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