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Hang on in there Mr. President – We don’t want you Ousted

Mr. President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Richard Gordon’s advice to the President to be quiet and be a stateman might sound bad. But mind you, it will help Duterte to be off the hot seat in the UN’s human rights probe.

[VIDEO]: To the President from the true alliance… hang on in there. Remember we need you. We don’t want you ousted.

Losing the Momentum

The President also reacted to suggestions of some allies about his “being too noisy,” specifically Sen. Dick Gordon, in his war on drugs.¬†“Gordon said, stop making noise. No, I cannot stop because I will lose the momentum and I cannot afford it becauseIi am the President,” Duterte said, citing that crime rate had gone down by half because of the ongoing campaign against illegal drugs.

International Laws, not Hypocrisy

“The momentum has to be there and it will be there for six years until the last pusher is taken out on the streets. I cannot just play silent,” Duterte said. “It will not stop despite the hypocrisy of EU, and America and Obama.

Just a President

A country’s president is not greater than the international bodies. The Philippines is a member of the United Nations. The country must follow rules that we swear in when we signed the UN treaty.

Human Rights Accusations Mellows Down with Kind Words

The tongue can destroy the world’s harmony. Silence is better when no kindness can be said. Democracy dictates the right to be heard but that does not include insults.

Taking the Pressure off from Mr. President

Mr. President as, former Vice President fondly calls Duterte during personal meets and through telephone conversations, remember the alliance that shares the same goal with you. To prepare the nation for the next leader. This is taken cared of but you have to relax and secure a balanced life. We know that you are tired but once more we ask to please hang on in there. Let us make the noises for you.

Support is Intact

Despite the demise of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, the alliance is intact. She is also watching over us. We are grateful that you took on the responsibility to be our last hope in this generation. To be the bridge to the next.

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