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Heal yourself with the help of your Rottweiler Pet


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

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[VIDEO]: It’s not all the time that a family member can attend to a sick family member. A Rottweiler can willingly bridge the gap.

Assisted Pet therapy is the interaction between a trained animal and an individual. The animal’s handler can facilitate this. This has been found to improve patients’ mental, social, emotional, and physical functions. Different activities such as walking, looking after, and grooming the therapy animal can have healing effects. What’s so touching is the Rottweiler’s natural sense of helping people.

Animals don’t Judge

Depression, autism, substance abuse, and dementia are few conditions that can be eased by animal therapy. Animals accept us as we are. They don’t judge and threaten. This is why patients can interact with them safely without reservations. A Rottweiler’s intelligence is telling itself when the patient is doing something wrong.

Improvements Observed

Emotionally disturbed individuals often find it difficult to open up to another human being. They normally have no problem with animals. Stress reduction, self-esteem boost, improved mood, and enhanced communication skills are obvious benefits observed among patients undergoing animal therapy.


Cancer Tests on Dogs

Dogs succumbed to cancer when the cancerous cells already metastasized. Affected dogs particularly Rottweilers took part in the cancer testing research program. They are injected with viruses to locate tumor cells in their body. Researchers are already in the process of producing clinical batches of therapy trials. This will determine which therapy is more effective before testing it to humans. We will owe its success to them.



Simply Therapeutic

No dog can ever replace one – but the pain of losing a dog can be healed by getting another. Rottweilers are very helpful in healing mourning owners. They even don’t mind filling the gap as an alternative. They are just grateful that they are adopted by caring individuals. You on the other hand will benefit from their healing capabilities when you share your home with them.



Rottweilers are Natural Healers

As shown in the video, the Rottweiler pet is stopping the owner from hurting herself. This was done repeatedly until she got exhausted and sat on the floor – hugging the Rottweiler. This is their intimate time together. Away from the prying eyes of concerned family members. This is disclosed by a CCTV camera that really showed the Rottweiler’s concern with its owner.


The Rottweiler’s warmth and loyalty towards its owner is priceless. You do not have to be sick to get one from animal shelters. They are excellent companions that will bring out the best in you. Besides, today’s fast lifestyle is not promoting good health. The Rottweiler can remind you in a daily basis on how to be healthy. Go out when it tells you to. Run and play with it as required. You will see that it’s guiding you towards maintaining a healthy life. Don’t delay. You need one more than it does.

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