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Hear Macalintal’s Difficulty in Justifying Revisors’ 5,000 Votes Discrepancy Disclosure in Favor of Bongbong Marcos


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The PET revisors said that the recount of 210 clustered precincts brings the lead of VP Leni Robredo down to about 258,000 votes. “It’s still a long way to go. However, the figures can already be a substantial recovery or change in the results of the elections. It is definitely favorable to former Senator Bongbong Marcos,” a PET insider said. Robredo’s lawyer, Atty. Romulo  Macalintal disputes this through a radio program. Simply judge from his fact-twisting answers.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News

[VIDEO]: The lawyer of Vice President Leni Robredo denied Tuesday news reports that their camp lost as many as 5,000 votes in the 2016 vice-presidential election manual recount after some ballots were allegedly deemed invalid due to improper shading.

Observations and Not Official Report?

Robredo won the vice presidency with a lead of 263,473 votes over Marcos during the 2016 election. In the official tally, Robredo obtained 14,418,817 votes while Marcos had 14,155,344. Even Macalintal admits that it can be the revisors’ observation that the said the recount of 210 clustered precincts narrowed the lead of his client down to about 258,000.

Alliance with the COMELEC

Macalintal said that he cannot believe the discrepancy of 5,000 votes in the VP election manual recount in favor of Marcos. This is allegedly due to some ballots deemed invalid because of improper shading.He points out that the Commission on Elections already issues a resolution that said ballots with one-fourth shading are still valid for counting.

The PET’s Gag is in the Way

The PET can file a show cause order to both camps all they want but in reality, they deny the people with their rights to know where their votes went. Atty. Glenn Chong insists that he is not under such order so he can publicize every single detail what he learns as the revision of ballots progresses. This goes the same with bloggers and other social media personalities, and even the media. It is also unfair to the public to make the updates secret since public interest is very high. Transparency in a democratic country seems to be lacking in this regard. This is purely undemocratic.

Surely but Surely turning to Marcos’ Favor

Marcos accuses Robredo of  “massive electoral fraud, anomalies, and irregularities.” Pre-shading of ballots, pre-loaded Secure Digital cards, the misreading of ballots, and, malfunctioning vote-counting machines to name a few. An “abnormally high” undervotes were also obvious. The PET can’t easily hide these if it’s true that some Supreme Court justices are favoring Robredo. Therefore, they better save the dignity of their branch. Perhaps by allowing the truth to come out but in a less scandalous way.

Just Grab the Gag? Is the Supreme Court’s Marcos-Robredo Gag Order Undemocratic?

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  1. 1/4 or 1/2 shade is impossible for a true voter
    Only for fraud will do that.

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