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Heart & Political Will: Why do you Want to Bring the Marcoses Back?

Political Will
By: Elena Grace Flores

The late President Ferdinand Marcos’ demonization was a hit via mainstream media outlets that propagates his false tyranny. However, real people cannot help but wonder why only Marcos so far can provide quality services to the people. Many of his infrastructure projects are still very useful to this date. The San Juanico bridge, the former First Lady’s Bliss Project, and many more. The hear and political will during his time were just evident. Listen to the testimonies of some anti-Marcos activists that had their share of realization:

YouTube video byBagong Lipunan

[VIDEO]: Ang Pagsisisi Ng Mga Anti-Marcos

Political Will

The late President Marcos’ political will is second to none. He is the champion of the people. One activist said that he never missed rallies and demonstrations from the time the martial law starts until Marcos was toppled during the EDSA revolution that turns out to be just a mutiny. Due to the communist threat, the great leader has secure the country by putting the rebels under control. Despite the corruption allegations, he continued his unending service of the people. No sickness or resistance can stop him when the country is at stake.

Practical Love

Talks have it that the bridge was President Marcos’ gift to Imelda. San Juanico because it lies in the San Juanico Strait. Some Marcos loyalists also call it Marcos Bridge. Madame Imelda hails from Leyte and many believe that the grand infrastructure then favors Leyte. Imelda wants to show her people how the President whom she fondly calls Ferdie) loves her. Its construction starts in 1969 and finished in 1973. It costs some $22 M (Php 154 M in the ‘70s). Their constituents can only be grateful to this economy-helpful development.

The Heart

The Urban BLISS program is essentially a refinement and variation on the sites-and-services development approach in Tondo. Besides housing, it provides for utilities, social services, and economic opportunities. It builds 3 to 4-story apartment buildings in built-up areas for rental to low-and-middle-income families. Many Filipinos are able to progress their more comfortable lifestyle because of this provision. In the first year of urban BLISS, 1500 units were put up on seven sites in Metro Manila. The former First Lady Imelda Marcos is the driver of this initiative.

The Daughter as Senator

As the daughter, Gov. Imee Marcos campaigns for a seat in the Senate, she offers solutions to the common problems of the people. This is from the surging prices of commodities to the utilization of natural fuel. She has a winning formula that works in her local bailiwick, Ilocos Norte. She swears to implement them nationwide through the making of necessary laws for their implementation. The country is so rich in nature that when the groundwork for these projects are made, Filipino experts can not just explore but extract, manufacture, and distribute essential goods that the Philippines currently imports like gasoline. She has the political will of her father to make this a reality.

The Son as Future President

It has been a dream of his mother that, Bongbong Marcos is to become President one day. There are arrangements done by the patriarch that only an heir can facilitate faster. The gold deposits are real. It is also proven that the beneficiaries are the Filipino people. The oligarch’s massive campaign to stop it by black media propaganda lasts only for some time. The masses would not need their businesses if the Marcos blueprints are in place. Realizations just come naturally to the people. The namesake of the greatest President the Philippines ever had is the hope of the Filipinos for a progressive nation.

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