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Heartfelt True SONA of Vice President Binay Live on CNN Philippines

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Vice President Jejomar Binay delivered his True State of the Nation Address Cavite at the State University Gymnasium in Indang, Cavite at 4PM today August 3, 2015. He first narrated the mismanagement of President Aquino’s government mismanagement since 2010 backed up with statistics. The following are important points:

– Disaster preparedness still weak after Yolanda
– Mary Jane Veloso’s drug mule case shows worsening human trafficking incidents
– Hospitals and schools still need better services after adding classrooms
– There are overpricing involved in the PNP’s artillery and vehicular purchases
– There are NAIA budget anomalies
– 2,000 containers disappeared at customs
– After 5 years, corruption has worsened contrary to the administration’s slogan
– Statistic on the number of poor people has risen
– Unemployed rate is rising – people are asking for work
– Hunger now rampant – services needed for livelihood programs
– The farmers, fishermen, employees, labor workers and OFWs will bring the country up not the politicians
– No more new term for an administration that do not care for the poor
– Filipino masses will become poorer if the present leadership will continue who doesn’t understand the plight of the poor

The True SONA will not be possible if not for the Special Armed Forces – and the Vice President ended up thanking the fallen SAF 44 heroes as he salutes to their image at the backdrop.

Secretary Jun Abaya, Acting President of the Liberal Party was speaking in behalf of the administration during CNN’s follow up interview and he commented that he’s not sure what country Binay was trying to address to. As per the MRT situation, although Binay was a colleague, he offered no solutions and stated that Binay did not understand the contract involved; Abaya added.

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