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Honest Answer of Bongbong Marcos on Robredo’s Achievement becomes a Joke


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Just after Liberal Party senators criticized Bongbong Marcos for claiming that the Presidential Electoral Tribunal is “unfair” to him in his election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo, Marcos retaliates with a humorous reaction on the question; What would he undo in the OVP when he becomes Vice President? He is a bit hesitant to comment on Robredo’s achievement but chooses to be honest in a very funny way.

Youtube video by; Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos Marcos said that nothing can be undone in the OVP.

Part of Judicial Process

Sena Francis Pangilinan, LP president, said it was “not good to question” the PET if its decision was unfavorable to Marcos. Minority Leader Franklin Drilon also said that he should accept the election body’s ruling not to conduct technical examinations on the perceived fake signatures. This is for the nullification of the votes.

Where is Integrity?

Senator Bam Aquino added that it was unfair for Marcos to doubt the integrity of the PET. This is despite the many reports of fraud – not just from the Marcos camp but also from various precinct watchers. On top of that, its alleged connivance with the Comelec whose ex-Chair Andres Bautista’s  faces massive scandal after his wife squeals of some commissions received by her ex-husband from Smartmatic worsens the PET’s reputation to an all-time low.

VP Achievement

In the Kapihan Sa Manila Bay forum, Marcos is asked if there is an achievement of Robredo that he would like to undo. This is when he becomes Vice President. He replied that nothing can be undone because his likely predecessor did not do anything. Marcos knows that he puts himself in some kind of trouble after saying this. But for him, he is just being honest.

Can there be a Du30-Bongbong Marcos Understanding on the VP Election Protest?

LP: Bongbong should know better than to criticize PET

3 thoughts on “Honest Answer of Bongbong Marcos on Robredo’s Achievement becomes a Joke

  1. So manahimik nlang sya kahit kayo ina amin Nyo na May dayahan na nangyari so anong attitude yan imbes na tulong an para Dina May ulit ulit ng ganyan konsintihin di na ba kayo tatakbo ng anong posisyon sa gobyerno ? Kung Sakali ng di Marcos yan Tao na nahpropritesta ganyan Kaya din ang sa sabihin Nyo? Dko lang alam.

  2. Reactions from these 3beneficiaries of HOCUSPCOS is expected.What is more disgusting to these 3 is they are sooooo defensive even when they, knew how BIAS Caguioa is!Yes, BBM only singled out CAGUIOA NOT THE WHOLE PET.But these idiots are damm good in twisting facts!Mga gunggong , FYI you can’t twist people’smind these days!It’s very obvious you’re all stalling the RECOUNT BECAUSE YOU CHEATED!


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