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Hosting Imelda Marcos’ Birthday Celebrations was always Special for the Late President


By: Elena Grace Flores

Bagong Lipunan
[VIDEO]: Birthday Party of First Lady Imelda Marcos at Malacañan Palace

Hosting Imelda Marcos’ Birthday Celebrations

The usual birthday celebrations of former First Lady Imelda Marcos were always special. Not because of extravagant spending. But it’s very affectionate. The hosting format was consistent because the main host was her husband, the late president Ferdinand Marcos himself.

Singing for Her

No birthday party was ever held without singing. He normally serenaded her. Or both sang to each other. To the amazement of the audience. This is very typical for Filipinos. Singing and dancing are parts of the culture.  Hosting just comes naturally.

Message from the Heart

Brilliant as he was, his speeches for his wife were filled with praises and appreciation. Now, the presidential mother just turned 93. Her son is now the president. And the stories go on.

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