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House Speaker Velasco Consults Marcoleta on Leonen’s Impeachment


By: Elena Grace Flores

This is how Cong. Marcoleta reads the Leonen’s impeachment complaint.

One-Third of the Congress

House Speaker Lord Velasco requests Congress to tackle the many issues including Associate Justice Marvic Leonen’s impeachment case when they resume discussions in January. December is the time for merry-making as per the Filipino tradition. Nonetheless, Cong. Marcoleta can’t do anything if that’s what is decided upon by the majority. He did say that if only the House can have one-third to agree on the complaint, it could immediately go up to the next level.

82 Justices Denied

Marcoleta stresses on the ground of culpable violation against the constitution. Justices are required to give justice. So, if Leonen has 82 delayed cases, that means, he denied justice to 82 complainants. Regardless of the holidays, this must be a quick and easy case. Even faster than the case of the former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. Sereno’s removal was through quo warranto petition of Solicitor General Jose Calida.

Not Submitting SALN is Criminal in Nature

Sereno only has 6 unfiled SALNs while Leonen has 15. This was the ground that nailed the late Chief Justice Renato Corona. Atty. Larry Gadon would probably not file this if he doesn’t have concrete leads on the evidence. The good thing is, they can be obtained through a summon. The question is if Cong. Angelo Marcos Barba, the lawmaker who endoses it has one-third of the Congress votes. Does he?

1 thought on “House Speaker Velasco Consults Marcoleta on Leonen’s Impeachment

  1. I guess the reason why Velasco postponed the talks about leonen’s impeachment case is that he needs to consult with his father about the leonen like what carpio did. Velasco is showing the characteristics of being a novice in his speakership. It would have been better if Romualdez was chosen from the start so the congress momentum is not broken.

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