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How Can Marcos Win in the Mindanao Annulment of Votes?


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by BANAT NEWS TV

Annulment of votes is different from failure of elections.

Marcos asks for Annulment

Bongbong Marcos corrects the magistrate in charge of his election protest against Leni Robredo. He said that Associate Justice Marvic Leonen requires processes that are for the failure of elections. He’s merely asking for the annulment of votes in the ARMM areas of Mindanao. The SC has the jurisdiction to rule on them. They should not wait for the Comelec to act on it just to delay the proceeding. If the PET proceeds to annul the results of the elections in the three ARMM provinces due to massive fraud and irregularities then it is very possible that Marcos can then be declared the winner by a very slim margin.

Marcos Gets the President’s Support

Marcos discloses recently that he had talks with President Rodrigo Duterte. Although it’s up to PDuterte to divulge their discussions out of respect. This causes the people to believe that he gets the support of the Filipino leader. If the presidential turnover is too late for this term. Next term could be a big possibility.

Hataman VS. Tan

Marcos had zero votes in those questionable ARMM areas. This triggers the INC leaders to ask where the votes for Marcos from their members went. The evidence for the massive fraud are already in use for the local election protest of ex-Sulu vice governor Abdusakur Tan against former ARMM governor Mujiv Hataman. Tan questions the results of the 2016 gubernatorial race. However, the protest became mute and academic when he ran for the 2019 elections. Marcos intends to use the same for his case.

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