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How do I Get Paypal Transaction Paid without Balance?


By: Elena Grace Flores

PayPal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Paypal users cannot ignore the constant reminder by Paypal that purchases are possible using this online payment tool even without balance. I was not really thinking about this offer until an urgent transaction has to be done over the internet – and only Paypal among the credentials that I have can process the transaction instantly. Other options like online bank payments require at least two days processing. So, even if I’ve transferred all my funds
from Paypal to my bank account already, I still want to try purchasing without the Paypal balance. At least I will know how do I get Paypal transaction paid without balance. Here’s my experience and the things I’ve learned:

  • Choose the item or package that you intend to buy
  • Verify the amount to be paid
  • Choose Paypal from the payment methods suggested by the site
  • Log-in to your Paypal account
  • Click pay now
  • Wait for the notice that the transaction is successful
  • Check your Paypal email for the official confirmation of the transaction made

It’s that simple because normally, the procedure is automatic once you’ve accomplished each process – but take note that to be able to use this privilege, you have to make sure that your credit card linked to Paypal has sufficient credit limit for the amount of your purchase or else, the transaction will be denied or kept as pending purchase awaiting for alternative payment method that will work.It is not like a buy now pay later service – because you are actually buying those products using your credit card but without exposing your personal and financial details. Therefore, doing so is a great security measure against credit card information theft. I definitely recommend this!

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