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How Soon can we Nurture a Child’s Talent?

Handsome Poets and all other Serious Talents o...
Handsome Poets and all other Serious Talents on stage to do a final song. Very cool. Watch their performance right here on YouTube. Serious Talent Festival organised on December 23rd in the Effenaar, Eindhoven to benefit 3FM’s Serious Request 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever wondered how old should your child be when you start developing his or her talent? Well, the answer is – there’s no such thing as too young. Nurture a child’s talent as soon as you see the signs. That is why, offspring of talented couples always end up doing their parents’ craft. Their exposure starts as early as when they are born or even before they were born. There’s nothing you can do to stop a child from doing what he or she loves and improve on it – as long as he or she has the resources within reach. Just take a look at this video of a dancing child:

2 year old dancing the jive

Posted at Youtube by: Studie43

On the other hand, some children can also lose interest in practicing their talents when support is nowhere to be found. Others will try seeking it outside of their home as soon as they are able. So, if you are really into your children, take the time in discovering and developing what they do best – because this is the key to real fulfillment in life for you and the little ones – when they finally become adults that you can be proud of.

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