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How to Know if we are Governed by a Good Leader?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Filipino WWII Veterans Memorial Dedication

In a democratic country, politicians who won elections for top government posts are rated based on their popularity. Is that an assurance that they will perform to the highest of their ability for the welfare of their people and community as a whole? Not really Рbut there are some simple points that can be good measures in finding out if we have a good leader and efficient team of officials. Here are the top ten basic proofs of a well-governed community:  

    1. Adequate water supply
    2. Uninterrupted power supply
    3. Daily waste management movement and collection are imposed
    4. Cleanliness is a priority
    5. Peace and order situation is under control
    6. Contingency plans for calamities are in place
    7. Government services are quick and friendly
    8. Senior citizens and disabled persons are given importance
    9. The roads and public facilities are well-maintained
    10. Opportunities to earn or means of livelihood are supported

      Discipline, unity and being proud of where we reside will naturally come out if our trusted leaders are doing their part. So, next time you wonder if your taxes are put to good use by the people whom your community voted for – just run through a quick assessment on their performance in these 10 aspects of good government. Very fundamental this may seem but mind you, you can even apply this list nationwide in a general scale – to see if you have a good president!


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