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If Only Cory Aquino Listens to the Late President Ferdinand Marcos

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by #KwentoNiMyk

The Last Words of Ferdinand Marcos were a Tearjerker.
The late president Ferdinand Marcos cannot believe the mentality of his predecessor, Cory Aquino. She did not want Marcos’s legacy to stick in the minds of the Filipinos. So, She discontinued all his projects. Thus, depriving them of the government services they deserve. Hence, more than 30 years after he’s gone, the Philippines is at the tail’s end of the world.

Technology, Infrastructure, and Agriculture

The Marcos presidency means a country abreast with technology, has efficient modern infrastructure, and productive agriculture. Finance people might say that the country’s finances in farming were on the red during Marcos’s time. But the beneficiaries of the coco levy fund might not get the share of its promise – but they certainly felt the support of the Marcos administration in terms of supplies, know-how and equipment.

The Aquino Rivalry

Former President Marcos suggests to former President Cory Aquino to continue his projects like the nuclear power plant for the welfare of the Filipinos. But she refuses to listen. She is afraid that the people would always remember Marcos. He finds it ridiculous of the then president to think more about her fears than to provide what Filipinos deserve. He then predicts that the Philippines’ downfall will happen in 20 years.

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