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Imee Marcos blasts Anchor for Repeated Supreme Court Questions

Supreme Court
By: Elena Grace Flores

Ilocos Norte governor and 2019 candidate for Senator, Imee Marcos says her family’s wealth came from her father’s successful law practice. He had some investments in various industries as well. Gov. Marcos also clarifies the source of the $300-M Swiss bank accounts deposits that the Supreme Court ordered confiscated in 2003. She explains that it was still a legal question and called the achor “makulit” or annoying for asking the same questions over and over again. z

YouTube video byOne News PH

[VIDEO]:’No big mystery’

Vast Investments

One of the Chiefs’ hosts disputes Marcos that based on his father’s asset declaration during his time, his monthly income was only Php 120,000. Gov. Marcos shrugs this off saying that legal documentations are already in court and she is not surprised if there are some propaganda or politicking rumors that are used to jeopardize the real score. All she knows are his vast investments in telecommunication, mining, and many other industries.

Hard-Working Family

Even the anchor agrees that the Marcoses are notable hard workers. The Senatorial bet is proud of this. Perhaps, the ultimate reason why they never struggle in life financially. It would be unfair to give credit to the golden urban legend, she said. Leave the rumors with the legal experts, she added.

Repeated Questions

Softly and jokingly, Marcos calls the interviewer “makulit” (annoying) for asking repeated questions that are restructured to press for different answers from her. However, she remained calm and blasts the naughty one with a sarcastic joke. There might be some discussions about gold deposits but she has never seen one physical gold bar unlike her mother before her father became President.

Hardships after EDSA

The Marcos family never had any financial difficulties until EDSA. Marcos relays their bad experience when they were thrown to another unfamiliar country. It was hard enough not knowing anybody. Least not having their usual financial support and moral system.

Ask the Lawyers about the Supreme Court Ruling

Upon the insistence of the host regarding the 2003 Supreme Court ruling, Marcos blatantly advised him to ask the lawyers instead since there are some relating cases that are ongoing. Bongbong Marcos already answered them earlier but they want a different one. Well, unfortunately for them, they cannot get anything controversial from Imee Marcos. After all, she is a Marcos and possesses the intellect and charm of her father.

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