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Imee Marcos Discloses Marawi Rehabilitation Anomalies


By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Imee Marcos observes that the housing developments for the Marawi rehabilitation are not in the ground zero where they should be. Marcos drew cheers and applause when she expresses her hope that they would all be home before the third anniversary of the siege on May 23 because “It’s time for every family to return to their homeland,” according to her.

YouTube video by Imee Marcos
Senator Imee Marcos’ media interview in Iligan City

The Rehabilitation of Marawi

WATCH: Senator Imee Marcos talks to local media in Iligan City about the abrogation of the Visiting Forces Agreement and how to speed up the rehabilitation of Marawi.

The Senator’s Questions

Marcos proceeds by questioning the use of rehab funds. Why do they have to return some funds? Why is the authorization coming from the Commission on Audit? Where are the accounts of foreign donations? Plus, the issue of land titles is the biggest one. Why do the people need to return to Ground Zero where there are no houses, no electricity, and no water?.

Mandate of the Commander-in-Chief

On the President’s visiting forces agreement remarks, Marcos stresses that the President is the architect of all military treaties because of he is the commander-in-chief. The harsh words are just mere threats. The US President might know this because he calmly welcomes the warning by saying that it will save him money. Marcos, however, agrees with the Filipino President to sometimes give voice out to his counterpart to be firm in the country’s independence. The Philippines is not a US colony anymore.

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