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Imee Marcos Hopes Critics’ Payback Time Where Credit is Due


By: Elena Grace Flores
As the Supreme Court’s ruling on Bongbong Marcos’ protest is about to unfold, pro-Robredo groups stage their support to the presumptive VP. Human rights activists also attack martial law anew. However, the late President Ferdinand Marcos finds favor in Du30’s eyes. The palace defends the fallen leader saying that the military rule saves the country from communism. This prompts UP figures to plan in teaching students about martial law. Senator Imee Marcos thinks that the idea is good for as long as they get both sides of the stories. Looks like the payback time of the anti-Marcos is near – a credit that is long overdue.

YouTube video by[VIDEO]: Imee Marcos: Good for UP to teach martial law, but get our viewpoint too

Freedom of Expression

Senator Marcos welcomes the initiative of UP to educate the youngsters about what transpired during her father’s martial law regime. She just hopes that her family will have the chance to divulge what they know. Meanwhile,Robredo criticizes the government in spearheading alleged revisionism that makes her rival, Bongbong Marcos’ father looks good. Many Filipinos think that despite her camp’s mind-conditioning efforts, justice wll be paid where the credit is due.

Inciting to Sedition

Robredo, the leader and face of the opposition, is among the 36 individuals who face inciting to sedition complaints after Peter Joemel Advincula – the man behind the viral Bikoy videos – accuses them of plotting against the Du30 administration.

One-Sided Human Rights has No Credit

Human rights lawyer, Marlon Manuel is set to discuss the complaint against Robredo. He cites the alleged harassment against the opposition and what it means to the rule of law in the Philippines. Manuel is Robredo’s lawyer in the inciting to sedition complaint. Therefore, the show can only be a bias one in favor of his client.

False Victory Claim by Robredo

Earlier, former Senator Marcos said; “We are appalled once more by the brazenness of Mrs. Robredo and her Liberal Party in claiming victory. This is in my still ongoing election protest. The tribunal announced that no action has been taken by the court on the Caguioa report,” Marcos said in a statement.

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