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Imee Marcos: Inequality in Vaccine Distribution is More Serious than Adverse Reactions


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Imee Marcos

The lack of budget is a major problem in poor localities.

Budget Delay Causes Inequality for Coronavirus Vaccines

To localize strategies on Coronavirus health protocols especially in education can ease up the burden of the students, parents, and teachers. Senator Imee Marcos said this in the midst of the reported adverse reactions of Pfizer’s vaccine in the UK. However, the concern of the Senator is the budget to allow herd immunity in the country. This is to discourage inequality in this area.

Herd Immunity

The children are not super spreader, said Marcos. They should already go back to school. At least in provinces with lesser or zero percent infection rates. This could prevent the rise of mental illnesses among the youth. The concept of the herd immunity is to vaccinate at least 60 t0 70% of the population. This can protect those that cannot have it due to severe allergies, cancer, HIV and other serious ailments. This is why the government needs to immediately produce the budget for the poor and vulnerable sectors.

Anaphylactic Shock

Severe allergy or anaphylactic shock is an adverse reaction to the foreign substance that gets inside the body. This needs immediate treatment may it be caused by a vaccine or foods in general. The reported allergic reactions on Pfizer’s vaccine is very normal according to medical experts. Antihistamines are the common medications for this reaction.

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