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Imee Marcos is a Hot Topic in Senator Pimentel’s Media Interview

By: Elena Grace Flores

It is a bit outrageous that in one of the shows by the mainstream media highlights Imee Marcos more than their guest, Senator Koko Pimentel. This is to the verge that Senator Pimentel had to suggest to interview Marcos herself on topics that concern her. He just doesn’t have the right answers because he’s not aware of her educational records. Only the propaganda against her is the basis and he got no first-hand information at all. The interviewers are obviously hoping to get a negative reaction from him that they can use to destroy Gov. Marcos’ candidacy. After all, success eludes them as Pimentel disagrees from their feeds or leading questions.

YouTube video byElena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Senator Koko Pimentel Refuses to Agree that Imee Marcos is Dishonest.

The Media Presses

PDP-Laban’s Koko Pimentel to discusses the status of their political party, campaigning with Hugpong ng Pagbabago, and the President’s war on drugs. However, it takes most of the time for him to explain his affiliations with Gov. Marcos. He said that they belong under a big umbrella that supports the President.

Human Rights Violations are Not Possible

The human rights situation in the Philippines became an issue in recent years during President Rodrigo Du30’s war on drugs. The opposition opposes this. They use such misleading reports to accuse the President of human rights violations. However, Pimentel explains that it would be impossible for the Filipino leader to do unconstitutional actions because all of his moves require the necessary legislation from the Congress and the Senate. Laws like anti-murder amongst others are still effective.

Connecting to Martial Law

The current Du30 administration is always compared with the alleged martial law atrocities. The said violations that are mostly unfounded due to the nonexistent records of the cases are dramatized heavily to discredit not just the late President Ferdinand Marcos but also his whole clan. Nevertheless, the alliance of Du30 and Marcos presently is just too strong to break by fake news that the media launches.

Long History of Public Service

My family has a long history of public service in Ilocos Norte. It began almost a hundred years ago when my grandfather, Mariano Marcos became Congressman in 1925, said Marcos. After that came my father, my aunt (Elizabeth Marcos-Keon), my mother, and my cousins (Nonong, Angelo & Michael). Sister, Imee and I also serve the province and now it looks like the next generation takes over. It starts with Manang Imee’s son (Matthew Marcos Manotoc) who runs for Governor. What about Sandro Marcos?

Too Much to Ask?

The Senator asks; Is it too much to ask to follow the law also? Pimentel stresses this question after the panel presses him to comment on his thoughts on human rights. He said that what happened during the Marcos regime won’t be possible anymore with all the laws in place.

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