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Imee Marcos: Manila Water and Maynilad are the Culprits of the Water Shortage

water shortage

By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Imee Marcos clarifies that the Philippines has no water shortage from its sources. Many households have dwindling supplies because of the concessionaire’s doing. Manila Water and Maynilad are the culprits. Laguna can still supply Manila. Luyang, Carmen for Cebu still generates water abundantly. However, the water connections promised for the distribution systems did not materialize. Senator Imee Marcos said that there’s certainly an inequality in the concessionaires’ portfolio. Poorer neighborhoods suffer from a lack of water the most.

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NEWS BREAK: Senate Resolution na bubusisi sa kontrata at record ng Manila Water at Maynilad, inihain

Senate Resolution to Look into the Water Crisis

Senate Resolution 259 by Senator Imee Marcos seeks to examine the provisions of the concession agreements. It aims to know why water companies failed to meet their public service obligations.

Acting on the President’s Lament

President Rodrigo Duterte heavily warns the two companies. They have the guts to sue the government. A P10 billion award by a Singapore-based arbitration court was awarded to them. This is allegedly for losses incurred because they were not allowed to raise their rates.

The Concessionaires

Marcos said Manila Water and Maynilad clearly failed to deliver their duties agreed upon with the government. An uninterrupted supply of drinking-quality water by June 30, 2000, must be reached for them to continue their services. Daily water interruptions since October have become the rule rather than the exception, Marcos observed. The Cebu provincial board is in line with Marcos’ observation. They now look into the breaches that the water companies made that caused the water shortage in the province. The Philippines is still lucky despite the water crisis in the world today.

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