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Imee Marcos Reveals Mom’s Candidacy Strategy as Supreme Court Processes her Case

Supreme Court
By: Elena Grace Flores

Candidate for Senator, Imee Marcos recently reveals that her mother, Imelda Marcos’ initial gubernatorial candidacy and withdrawal is actually in the plan. They know that it is ridiculous for her to seek another elective office considering her age. They just need more time to convince the younger family members to run for the position as outgoing Gov. Marcos vies for the national position. This strategy is actually well-thought of as the Supreme Court starts to process the former First Lady’s cases. z
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[VIDEO]: Imelda Marcos withdrawal from gubernatorial race planned from the start – Imee Marcos

Substitution Strategy

The fight for the post of Ilocos Norte governor goes down between a Rodolfo Fariñas and Matthew Marcos Manotoc, Imelda Marcos’ grandson. Farinas, who is Ilocos Norte 1st District representative runs for governor in his home province as a substitute for Jesus Arimboyutan under the PDP-Laban political party. The 67-year-old Fariñas faces Manotoc, Marcos’ grandson and son of incumbent Ilocos Norte Governor and senatorial candidate Imee Marcos.

Due Course for the Iron Butterfly

The Sandiganbayan 5th Division starts proceedings for the transmittal of records of graft cases of Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos. The anti-graft court said that they now prepare copies of the documents. The original records would be sent to the high court. The court also discloses that the notice of appeal that Marcos filed is “given due course.”

The Marcos Matriarch’s Request

In her notice of appeal, Marcos requests for the record transmission to the Supreme Court where she plans to challenge the Sandiganbayan decision. The Sandiganbayan convicts Marcos of 7 counts of graft last November 9. Her sentence of 6 to 11 years in jail for each count is pending as she is about to make an appeal to the high court.

Free on Bail

Rep. Marcos posts Php 300,000 bail as she appeals her conviction. Nonetheless, most mainstream media under the control of the opposition and their allies are quick enough to circulate massive negativity to malign her. Manotoc’s takeover neutralizes the black media propaganda. The move even made him look even much better.

Manotoc is Hot

It turns out that Manotoc is not only appealing to the millennials but also to all ages. Fariñas can’t stand a chance after his rudeness to the Ilocos 6. Now, it would be a big challenge for the Marcoses’ detractors to launch a character assassination stunt against the younger bet because it would be very obvious.

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