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Imee Marcos Surges High as People Ignore the Black Media Propaganda against Her

Imee Marcos
By: Elena Grace Flores

Number 46 Senatorial candidate Imee Marcos’ campaign sortie in Mandaue, Cebu is a big hit. Aside from the support shown by local officials, the Presidential daughter, Mayor Sara Du30-Carpio’s presence is also a crowd driver. This happens a few days after the obvious black media propaganda against her through repetitive headlines about her education or the alleged lack of it. Note that some successful people from Cebu did not finish school. Not mainly because of poverty but by circumstance just like Marcos’ case. This happens basically to business magnate, John Gokongwei.

YouTube video byElena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Gov. Imee Marcos, campaign sortie in vote-rich Cebu attracts support from powerful leaders after the black media propaganda against her.

Yellow Media Attacks Again

A yellow media vehemently repeats the accusations against Marcos anew that her claim as valedictorian at Santa. Catalina Convent now School is false. She did have some studies there but did not graduate. Marcos already confirms this but the opposition’s media cannot stop posting about it. It highlights a CV that is inexistent.

Diploma Not Needed to be Successful

There are notable successful people from Cebu who did not finish school. It’s either they had better things to do or circumstances in their lives prevent them from completing a degree. They were not necessarily poor just like Marcos. the Gokongwei patriarch, for instance, was born from a prominent Chinese-Filipino family.

John Gokongwei’s Story

Life changed suddenly and drastically when Gokongwei was 13 and his father died of typhoid fever. The family discovered that much of the business was built on debt. The movie theaters, cars, and the big house were all seized by the banks. But his great-grandfather Pedro Gotiaoco had built an agricultural trading company called Gotiaoco Hermanos, a prominent business in Cebu. “We were left with practically nothing, except a good name,” says Gokongwei. So at age 15, having dropped out of school to work, he started selling goods like soaps and tires at the local market.

Social Media Comments

So what if she does not have a degree? Is there any political family who has built nationwide infrastructures that are still serving the people to date? These questions are frequently raised opposing the black media propaganda by real people. Many even admire her good nature that she remains positive despite the below the belt attacks against her and her family.

Inday Sara’s Support

Inday Sara who has a strong character like her father dis not just go to Cebu for nothing. Her presence is a strong message that urges the Du30 supporters to vote for Marcos. As a Visayan president with roots from Cebu, President Rodrigo Roa Du30 is quite popular in the area. Marcos tries to speak Cebuano with an Ilocano accent. Her mother, former first lady, Imelda Marcos is a Waray. Whatever they say, there’s just no stopping Imee Marcos to become a Senator.

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