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Imee Marcos’ “Tambay” Views: Check for Crime because Discipline is Wealth


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Governor Imee Marcos and election 2019 bet for Senator explains that there’s no crackdown against “tambays.”  Tambays are out of work individuals who sit around the community as past-time. She also said that not all of them are innocent. Gov. Marcos adds that the president’s campaign is clearly not to hunt them but to investigate. Check if they are involved with any crime when there are suspicions against them. Discipline is wealth so she supports this move of the government.

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[VIDEO]: Imee Marcos backs PNP’s crackdown vs ‘tambays’

The President’s Clarification

Contrary to some media propaganda that President Rodrigo Du30 is a killer, he is very particular with the rule of law as a prosecutor for a very long time. He said that his operative is not against the out of work citizens of the Philippines but to those who act as lookouts from crimes in the streets and the neighborhood.

Misled Social Groups

Despite the Filipino leader’s clarification, some social groups capitalize in the word twisting game just to discredit Du30 and stage some destabilization efforts for their own interests. It is already known that these protesters are backed by the oligarch-funded politicians for the power grabbing initiative that they are famous with.

The Blaming Game

Gabriela, a civic group that claims to protect the rights of women accuses the President as the one responsible for the increasing number of out of work people in the country. They seem to not have the logic of thinking straight that if only they use their ample free time in learning the skills that are in demand during the digital age then they have no excuse to hang around in the streets.

Discipline is Wealth

The President finds an ally in the lady governor. It is evident that the two really work hand in hand for the country’s progress. She has graces crowds to clarify his policies in many different locations nationwide. Du30 also asks the Congress to facilitate the return of the Marcos gold into the country. However, the opposition strongly opposes this for fear of exposing their own crimes in the last  3 decades.

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