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Imee Marcos to Congress: Arrest Me but Free Ilocos 6


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Governor Imee Marcos begged the Congress once more; “I appeal, for humanitarian reasons, to the House leadership to set free the Ilocos Six. They have suffered more than enough,” Marcos said. “Please allow them to go home. You have families too, and you know the pain of being separated from them,” she added.

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[VIDEO]: Inihahanda na ang magiging kulungan ni Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos sa Kamara.

Call to Congress

Marcos called on the Philippine House of Representatives again to release six provincial government officials. Her lawyer, former Solicitor General Estelito Mendoza said that in her statement to the House, she urged its leadership to comply with the Court of Appeal’s (CA) order to immediately free the said officials.

Emotional and Psychological Anguish

The officials are held in the House from May 29 for their alleged “dismissive” answers during an investigation into the local government’s alleged purchase of P66.45 million-worth vehicles. Marcos stresses that the officials’ long detention causes “immeasurable emotional and psychological anguish to them and their families.” The Congress has hardened its heart ever since.

Torture for False Testimony

The governor said that they have already testified to the best of their knowledge. “Forcing them, through prolonged detention, to give false testimony just to satisfy the Committee is tantamount to compelling them to commit perjury. Please, set them free.” The six officials are still detained at the Batasan Pambansa complex. The House is now turned into a detention cell which is a clear sign of power abuse.

Quiet Reaction

Representatives Rodolfo Fariñas and Johnny Pimentel who was very loud on their accusations against Marcos are now very quiet despite the public outrage. They have given a verdict on the issue even before filing a case in a legitimate court. This is why the people are certain that the only intention is to politicize Bongbong Marcos’ family to discredit him for the ongoing electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo. Another possibility is for the senatorial race in 2019.

5 thoughts on “Imee Marcos to Congress: Arrest Me but Free Ilocos 6

  1. Give justice to the righteous people…. we can not solve a problem
    With another problem… everything must consider the rights and lives of people…. God said ” you will be judge according to how you judge other people” be nice and just … thank you…

  2. Abusing of Powe Really is Beyond Compare of Abusing Human Rights To People Too.. Don’t you Think So ????

  3. The detention of the Ilocos 6 is a clear abuse of power, a blatant violation of their constitutionally guaranteed right not to testify against themselves. Congressman Farinas has already become abusive of power & authority.
    What good has he done to the country & his countrymen?

  4. Detaining for the reason of testefying?
    Abolish congress
    Or abolish our courts

  5. Stop that “kangaroo court” in Congress!Do not break what is not broken! Pimentel and Farinas, stop this abuse!

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