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Imee Marcos Trusts the President’s Handling of the Wealth Issue


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos said there were no negotiations in the works on the supposed hand-over plan of some wealth to the Philippine government. She thinks that is best for their lawyers to respond. Gov. Marcos trusts the President’s handling of the issue.

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[VIDEO]: Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos says there are no negotiations for the supposed plan to return some of their wealth to the Philippine government.

Trustworthy President

The governor did not fail to show her “trust” in the President. “We trust that the president will end decades and decades of cases. The family is still discussing, but our lawyers will handle this,” said Marcos. The matter emerges while the congressional hearing into the alleged misuse of tobacco excise funds is on going.

Suspicions of Detractors

Malacañang spokesperson Ernesto Abella clarifies that Du30 wants what was best for Filipinos. While yellow activist, Bonifacio Ilagan said that the President’s disclosure is part of the Marcoses’ game plan to return to power. “Imee Marcos is going to run for senator in the next elections and Bongbong for president in 2022,” Ilagan said. This is despite the fact that the former Senator’s electoral protest against VP Robredo just got started. Just waiting for the retrieval of ballots for the recount to begin.

Unidentified Trustee

Du30 only refer to the trustee as a “spokesman” of the Marcoses. He said that they are willing to “bring back, even a few gold bars” to help fund his government programs as intended by the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Too bad, the late Cory Aquino did not allow him to explain about the alleged hidden wealth. The current President surely made a wiser choice because he is also for the welfare of the people like the Marcoses.

Leave it to the Lawyers

Imee Marcos added: “Our lawyers will discuss how the legalities can be done as far as the release of the said wealth for humanity is concerned.” Thinking that most of those were deposited at the World Bank’s sanctioned international entities worldwide, this can be a tedious process. Also, it’s not any of the Marcoses call to act on it solely. The World Bank, IMF, Central Bank and the Philippine government must cooperate together with the trustee and the shipping documents keeper which is Imelda Marcos.

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  1. I guess it’s the right time to handover Philippines share of that wealth intended for the humanity to PD30 since he wants to give a better life to Filipinos that coincides with what PFEM wanted for everyone and as Gov Imee says PD30 can be TRUSTED.

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