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Inday Sara Shots Trillanes’ Mouth on her Alleged Running For Senator


By: Elena Grace Flores

Inday Sara Warns Trillanes that he might pay billions for slander.

Inday Sara Warns former Senator Trillanes

Presidential daughter Inday Sara warns the former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV not to drag her name in any controversies. Her mother already told her that she does not have a heart. So, Trillanes better believe her mom. Because she will do everything to make him regret it. He and his party could pay billions for slander.

Inday Sara’s Alleged Senatorial Bid

The former barking Senator said that Inday Sara is just like her father. They usually say that they won’t run for office but in the end, they will. Filipinos also like candidates who as if trying to be down to earth. Not showing their interest in the top position. Then realizing afterward that the drama got them. He added that the mayor of Davao has to run for senator to save her father from legal disputes after his term as president.

Trillances is a Nuisance Presidential Candidate

Meanwhile, Trillanes receives criticisms after he poses himself as a nuisance presidential candidate. He even said that Leni Robredo will only run for governor in her hometown. That’s why he’s now ready to run as president. Many bloggers find this ridiculous but even Trillanes himself knew that he can’t win. So, he’s riding into the strategy of the administration. This is to confuse people on who really is running for president in the 2022 elections.

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