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Insights for the Data Science Future by Randy Olson, machine learning expert

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Normally, ideas are perceived crazy until they work! So,geniuses who came up with brilliant innovations that contributed in making the present internet age even more beautiful deserve a tribute – to inspire them even more to continue working for more helpful inventions.
Insights of technology’s famous people can now be squeezed out from them through their interviews regarding their plans for the future. This is one podcast that must not be missed because often, insights of people like Randy Olson will align with prediction for the future in the data science where he’s good at. Perhaps a glimpse in the future so they say.

According to Partially Derivative: Randy Olson is a leader in the data science community focused on data visualization and machine learning. He’s the moderator of the incredibly popular Data is Beautiful sub Reddit and the author of popular libraries for data science automation like TPOT and datacleaner. Plus his widely-followed blog and Twitter feed are full of interesting, original analysis and links to novel examples of quantitative social science. We talked about Randy’s philosophy for moderating Data is Beautiful, the inspiration for TPOT and his thoughts on the future of data science. Check it out! Listen to the podcast from the link below:


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