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International Media Took Part in Ruining Imelda Marcos’ Image

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Like any other gossip, one interesting rumor involving a prominent person can easily escalate when echoed by another then spread out like wild fire. The former Philippine First Lady did not have that utmost love for shoes as signified by the media here and abroad – she won’t even have to buy one. The 3,000 to 7,500 (the numbers are even conflicting) reported shoe collection she left behind during the 1986 EDSA revolution at her quarters at the Malacanang palace when they were ousted were definitely no match to that of Sarah Jessica Parker’s in “Sex in the City”.

Come to think of it. Her late husband the best Philippine President the Philippines ever had – as President Rodrigo Duterte claimed, ruled the country for twenty long years. Why would she keep those shoes when she can just give them away to charity like what she always do? Mature people knew that you cannot keep those shoes for a long period of time because after few months, they will be rotten if not used. Sure enough – her so-called shoe collection under the Aquino administration are now infested with termites at the Marikina museum.

Now congresswoman Imelda Marcos for Ilocos Norte was really misjudged by the press because when writing those negative stories about her, they did not check how many livelihood programs she supported for the development of the shoe industry in Marikina – and all she got as a token of appreciation were those personalized shoes specially made for her. See, most of them she did not even get to wear but because of their sentimental value, she kept them and cared for them as displayed and sanitized nicely – like how those small shoe entrepreneurs take care of their shoe business in Marikina in memory of her kindness.


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