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IPhone’s Most Significant Features to Grow a Small Business


By: Gemma Lagasca


iPhone 5Purchasing an iPhone is not just “a piece of cake”. It is costly but its features are functional in terms of accessibility in communicating with other people.  It is even a useful tool to grow a business. Yes, iPhone’s software helps in running a cost-effective small business. Here are some hints that an iPhone 5 can offer:

1. Hardware Features

  • Faster network speed – iPhone 5 has built-in wireless LTE technology. It means that it has the ability to connect automatically with faster networks. That way, you can easily browse, research, email, chat or reach out to your costumers for timely delivery for the demands of your business.
  • Wider and brighter screen – iPhone 5’s screen measures 4 inches. You can read emails and browse through sites faster and easier without too many scrolling.
  • Enhanced camera – iPhone 5 has improved HDR capability and new panorama picture features. This latest camera feature is trending in the industry.
  • Enhanced audio or speakers – it has 3 microphones in the package and noise cancelling tools which are useful during teleconferences. The speakers can also deliver quality music that you love to hear. It has newly designed headphones for a relaxing sound.

2. iOS6 Software Features

  • Enhanced email application – the newest feature for the email app is the VIP inbox. You can save your important business emails using this VIP inbox.
  • FaceTime over cellular – you can subscribe FaceTime connections by applying a premium plan data share subscription. FaceTime is a net connection which is similar to Wi-Fi.
  • More calling options – untimely incoming calls can be managed better anytime. You can turn down incoming calls but you can easily pick an instant message or text then send it to the caller when you are busy. Otherwise, set a reminder to call back your caller at a later time when you are not occupied anymore.
  • Passbook app – if you want to purchase movie passes, boarding tickets and others, just  enable the passbook app in the app store to reserve your needed tickets at once.
  • Integrated Twitter and Facebook links – you can easily click, browse and post your photos and advertisement in Facebook and Twitter accounts simultaneously.
  • Improved Virtual assistant (Siri) – you can manage anything you want by using this app especially when you are busy. Siri will help find the best outlets you want to go to such as restaurants or bars. It is also a reliable assistant when you need to compose emails for your clients. Siri can remind your next scheduled appointment on time.

The iPhone 5’s latest features are truly amazing. Yet, in establishing a growing business, it is vital to set up a spyware to protect it from deceitful employees. They will hinder the progress of your business when tolerated. The iPhone 5 spy is the best app to secure the growth of your business. It will track not only the activities of your employees but also your children and spouse. You’ll hit 2 purposes in one go with it – for business and personal matters.

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