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Is Atienza Pro or Anti-Marcos? He Testified on BBM’s VP Victory, Imelda’s Liberating the Country from Debts, and Now What?


By: Elena Grace Flores

By: Elena Grace Flores

Youtube video by; Rappler 

[VIDEO]: Atienza: Imelda Marcos wanted to return 7,000 tons of gold to PH

Real VP Other than Debts Plus More

This is the same Lito Atienza who bluntly declared that Bongbong Marcos was the real winner of the 2016 VP race. This was in a recorded debate. Atienza said that BBM was cheated in the digital vote counts. It was allegedly by Smartmatic in connivance with the Comelec and its preferred candidate, Leni Robredo. He also announced on top of his lungs that Former First Lady Imelda Marcos would like to turn over the wealth for humanity. Then liberate the country from debts. Now, he demands an apology from Marcos for alleged martial law atrocities. So, as a VP aspirant with Manny Pacquiao, who’s side is he on?

Liberating the Country from Debts

When they were both sponsors in a wedding sometime in the 2000s when he was mayor, Atienza said Marcos told him about the 7,000 tons of gold deposited in different parts of the world so that the country could pay off its foreign debt. This coincides with the World Bank gold reserves of her late husband. They were shipped around the world as sanctioned by the financial entity. Atienza quoted Marcos as saying: “I’ll liberate the nation from foreign debt. I heard directly from Congresswoman Imelda Marcos when I was a mayor. She said that she wants to hand over the gold to the government here so that the country will be free from its debts,” Atienza said. I told her, ‘why don’t you do it?’ She said a superpower was interfering,” Atienza added. He did not name the superpower allegedly blocking the release of the Marcos gold.

From Pro-Marcos to Anti-Marcos

Atienza reminded former senator Bongbong Marcos that he is not a millennial. So he knows what happened during his father’s martial law regime. He even noted that Marcos, before they fled the country during the 1986 People Power Revolution, wore combat fatigues as if he was ready to fight his fellow Filipinos to ensure his father stayed in power. It’s true that as a young man, the late President’s son was confused why his powerful father would not use his military forces to stop the EDSA protesters. Then he realized how he loved the Filipinos. That he cannot harm them in any way. As his father ordered General Fabian C. Ver to not shoot at the crowd to avoid bloodshed.

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