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Is BBM Retreating or Changing Strategy for the New Normal?

new normal

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

We are not going back to normal anymore.

New Normal Preparation

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos is grateful to have survived the Covid-19 threat on his life. As he continues to recover, Marcos equips people through his vlogs with the essential knowledge to fight the disease. In reality, there’s no going back anymore as they used to. The world is now going to face a new normal once the ECQ becomes GCQ.

Older but Better

Looking a bit older than before, BBM explains that we may continue our way of life but it must go through various changes. Since the crowd is a culprit for the pandemic, this can be avoided by social distancing in transport vehicles, workplaces, and communities. There’s no hint whatsoever that he is retreating from his plan to run for national elections in 2022 contrary to rumors. He assures the public that he is getting better. However, he stresses the importance of the national ID system to put order into government provisions.

Strategy Change

At first, Marcos knows that divulging his candidacy too early into the game would be disastrous for his campaign. He is still not confirming if his candidacy is for the Presidency or Vice Presidency. However, some of his avid supporters notably impose the idea that he needs a running mate from Mindanao. That would give him an edge on the votes. This revives the gossips earlier that Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio is the best partner for him. Mayor Sara even jokes that she might run for Vice President!

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2 thoughts on “Is BBM Retreating or Changing Strategy for the New Normal?

  1. God bless you more and your household our future president. May the Lord’s divine protection covers all of you. Agbiag ti Marcos family. May you be able to finish the good things your Dad, the nation greatest ph president has started . We believe God will use you to make this nation great again.

  2. We are here..we are real…we will support any future endeavor.. #BBMTheRealVP #TuloyAngLaban #BBM4President2022 #BBMAngels

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