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Is Marcos’ Involvement More than Just the Blueprint?


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Nebs Tube

Marcos Blueprint for President Duterte’s Build Build Build Project

More than just the Blueprint

Rumors float around social media that the Build Build Build project of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte pushes through despite the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade said that they never stopped working. The President is vocal enough about the Marcos blueprint that he uses. He even urges the people to find another Marcos for the the country’s next president.

Never Stopped Working

Secretary Tugade said: “I want to send a message across, for the Filipino people to know, that we have never stopped working, we have kept the ball rolling to deliver the much-needed transport infrastructure projects of the country. This is our own way of saying, ‘Build, Build, Build’ continues.”

Needed to Jump Start the Economy

The detractors of the administration may never guess why the very extensive project can continue without delay during the pandemic. This is actually vital to jump start the economy, Tugade said. Many investments propaganda floats from China to Japan. However, none of them are actually put into writing. According to a Japanese contractor, they got their pay from DBP. The state-run bank gets funding from the World Bank for infrastructure purposes. Thus, creating a speculation that the involvement of the Marcoses is not just the blueprint. Does this pertains to the gold deposit of the late President Ferdinand Marcos?

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