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Is Natural Cure Blocked?

By: Elena Grace Flores

Polski: Grafika podręcznika pl:Wikijunior:Owoc...
Polski: Grafika podręcznika pl:Wikijunior:Owoce. Guanabana, graviola, sirsak, flaszowiec miękkociernisty (Annona muricata). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I guess all divers would know that when you are out there in the waters, the best lubricant for your eyes is your own saliva. It’s a natural cure!  The same as fresh urine can be disinfectant to the eyes against sore eyes as practiced in the remote areas in the Philippines during the old days. It’s no different with the Graviola plant being used as the ultimate cure for cancer and other serious diseases in the Amazon jungle. Watch this video that is almost forgotten:


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True or not, there seems to be conflict between large pharmaceutical companies and natural healers. Come to think of it, those people regarded as having lost their minds because of their ancient beliefs – are not insane after all. This earth is made that it is equipped with all the things that human beings need if only they go out there and appreciate them.


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