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Is there a Legal Issue with the Marcos-Duterte Administration if they Win?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos’ Choice for Vice President
President Rodrigo Duterte was initially Bongbong Marcos’ choice for his Vice Presidential running mate. However, the president withdrew his bid. He was replaced by Senator Bong Go. Then, speculations say that Mayor Sara will substitute Go. But her insistence to remain as mayor of Davao may leave no option for her father to do the job instead. According to Salvador Panelo, there’s a legal issue only if Duterte runs for President again. Not for VP.  However, if he wins and something happens to the President then, he may not be able to take over. But that is just a speculation.

Adoption Plans of Marcos

Things are still volatile but there are adoption plans at stake depending on how the actions of the people involved come about. President Duterte can still be adopted as Marcos’ running mate despite running from different parties. This is also open to other qualified VPs who can substitute Go.

Helping Each Other Even if it is Bongbong-Bong

Marcos made it clear that Duterte and the Marcoses will be helping each other during the 2022 elections. Since Mayor Sara made it clear that she wants re-election, the Bongbong-Bong tandem is already there at least. But since no one would like to run against Duterte, unifying the north and the south could really mean Marcos-Duterte tandem. Except if Mayor Sara needs to substitute him for a more emotional reason. At least until November 15, 2021.

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