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Is There Anyone Like Ferdinand Marcos?

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by GMA News

President Duterte believes that only Ferdinand Marcos can solve corruption

Somebody Like Ferdinand Marcos

During the 121st Philippine Navy anniversary, President Rodrigo Duterte said that no one can solve the corruption problem. Unless there’s somebody like the late President Ferdinand Marcos. This is interesting because he’s the biggest victim of such propaganda. Only to know in the end that he’s the country’s savior? Is there somebody like him?

Corruption Breakouts

The country just suffers from corruption breakouts particularly at the PhilHealth. The people’s trust diminishes when stories of some keens’ death were in the Covid-19 cases. Despite dying of other causes. On top of that, President Duterte refuses to get rid of the Health Secretary. No matter how various senators repeatedly call for his resignation.

Election 2022 Hopeful

If there’s one that resembles Ferdinand Marcos, it’s his namesake. Bongbong Marcos runs for any of the top two posts in the executive office come 2022. The filing of candidacy is yet on October 2021. However, his tandem with the President’s daughter, Sara Duterte-Carpio is the most popular bet. Duterte may only insinuate this at this time. His alliances can crumble if this happens. Cabinet members and lawmakers are pro and anti Marcos. It only boils down to the most influential when the right time comes.

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  1. Only sir FLM can do what PFEMARCOS can do it He is the real MARCO’S

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