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It’s Not about Bongbong Marcos’ Election Recount Victory but How he was Cheated


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The May 2016 election is now history. Many people do not really know the real issues that surround the poll controversy. They only feel that they are cheated especially Bongbong Marcos’ voters who were intensely affected by the sudden shift of data on that fateful election night. To go forward, the upcoming recount in February 2018 gives Filipinos the opportunity to know how the fraudulent acts were done – at the expense of Marcos, of course.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Marcos said that all voters have the right to know where their votes went in the 2016 vice presidential election.

Anomalous Data Trends

There is a need now to remind the people about the dubious outcome of the elections. It is important to bring up the anomalous data trends on the record from straight lines, and of abnormal levels of undervotes despite the high voter turnouts. When votes are not properly counted, it is a mortal sin against democracy. This should be the main focus of the recount.

Failure of Election Factors

The zero votes for Bongbong Marcos in areas where there are block voters like members of the Iglesia Ni Kristo is highly questionable. Stories of fraud, and of actual evidence from the voters themselves populated social media. There were cases of pre-shading of ballots in many parts of ARMM. It is where elections have failed or did not occur at all. Some boards of election inspectors or BEI did not even convene. Election returns were already done on the eve of the elections not after.

Caguioa Must Inhibit

Given the nature of the frauds witnessed by real people, the objectivity of Justice Caguioa is doubtful. Bongbong Marcos has all the reasons to call to change the PET’s chairmanship. One option is to file a formal motion asking him to inhibit citing arguments that define the bases from where doubts about his objectivity arise.

The way forward for Bongbong Marcos’ protest

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