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John Bellamy’s Service to People became Heart Centered Money Makers

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
InnovaBuzz podcast by Innovabiz featuring John Bellamy of Heart Centered Money Makers reminds us to stand for our own purpose in life and say “This is my life. I’m here and I’m going to take control.” Serve your customers and make a difference in the world. Listen to the Podcast here:

John has been an entrepreneur all his life, playing the bagpipes at house auctions while he was at school to earn money, then running several businesses before joining with Rossco Paddison to start Heart Centred Money Makers, helping entrepreneurs build a lifestyle business.In the internet age people are hungry for information. Now more than ever, to get the results that you want out of life and out of business, it is super important for every aspiring entrepreneur out there to focus on a niche.
Despite the relative anonymity of the internet or web – people still buy from people, so relationships are as important as ever. You need to build a connection.If we focus every single day on serving – serving our customers, our community, giving our best, then success will follow. The magic pill, for John, to success is waking up every morning, getting inspired and taking action to go and serve your market that day and just doing it every single day for the rest of time. John’s advice to get more innovative in what you are doing, is firstly, get massively clear about what you want to achieve; then get clear about your key strengths and finally get clear about who you need on your team to help make your vision a reality.

They really need to get crystal clear on what their actual vision is first


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