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Journey with BBM from Toni Talks to the Philippine Arena


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Toni Gonzaga Host sa BBM Sara Proclamation sa Philippine Arena Bulacan

BBM Interview Controversy at Toni Talks

Toni Gonzaga received a lot of criticisms from the detractors of BBM after her interview with him at her own Toni Talks show. This opened a lot of doors for the presidential aspirant to air his side of many controversial stories. Gonzaga stood her ground and said that she does not have to explain to people why she embraced the truth that she knew all along.

Not Just as Host

Gonzaga is not just the host of the BBM-Sara Uniteam Proclamation event. Her rehearsal includes her singing the Ako ay Pilipino nationalistic song. The witnesses definitely had goosebumps in them. Her talent, aura, intelligence, and wit are just remarkable.

The Best Supporter and Player

Paul Soriano, Toni Gonzaga’s husband is often seen as the latter’s support buddy. However, he is more than that when it comes to BBM’s presidential campaign. He is also the director of some of his political advertisements for the 2022 election. Power couple indeed.

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    1. The best sa hosting toni gonzaga

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